8 Korean Fashion Designer Brands of 2014

8 Korean Fashion Designer Brands of 2014

If you are a lover of Korean fashion you most definitely need to know about the following Korean fashion designer brands.

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This is a brand of Chiel industries which is a subsidiary of Samsung Group. The brand provides a number of products that come in different tastes of active denim, trendy style, accessories, basic style, shoes, and handbags.

Control clother

This is a designer agency that aids in launching brands for both domestic and foreign distribution. Since it’s hard for new designers to launch new brands and compete against the existing labels, control clother helps the new designers by training and giving them an opportunity to launch their products overseas.


It means “who are you,” a term used to encourage individual expression. WhoAU brings about the casual and bright California styles of “west coast.” the most amazing thing about WhoAU’s collections is that they have the same basic designs which create excellent beach accents.


This creates jewelry that you can mix and match with your clothes, attitude and nail art. The brand has many brands such as triangle bracelets, necklaces, cracker rings and earrings.

Judy and Joshua

This is a business that focuses on aesthetics to reinterpret a minimalist look. The brand is usually very sensitive to trends; therefore, all the products released by the business are always the most latest and get the fancy of many people. As a result of this the products released by the brand are easily bought.


“Re” is meant to change the foundation of design while “code” means to create a culture of valuing the environment and sharing beyond fashion. This means that the intention of the brand is to create a consumer cycle that is caring for the environment.

The brand also aids in reducing waste and at the same time increases the quality of the products being manufactured.


This brand represents innovation in comfort and style. Clothes produced under this brand can be worn at home or when one is going on a brief outing.


Thavma creates excellent bags using the finest cowhide leather from Italy. The brand’s concept is divided into three categories:

• Various basic: it’s aimed at creating products that are trendy. Here simple designs and diverse materials are used.

• Trendy utility chic: this one aims at producing products that are both practical and stylish

• Neo classic: this is developed as the brand’s foundation

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