A Brief Introduction to Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are nothing but a casual shoe or sneaker made with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. It is a cloth like fabric usually made of Hemp material and cotton that gives a supple feeling to the wearer. One can find great varieties of this footwear available in the market. They are available in low top and high top styles with attractive colors and designs. Wide range of this footwear in eye catching colors make you obscure to select a perfect pair for you. This article is an introduction to canvas shoes and it gives all necessary information about this footwear.

This footwear is almost loved by every individual for its supreme comfort aspects. They are highly breathable in nature and thus enable moisture free feet. Canvas is in fact a porous material that allows free ventilation and keeps your feet dry and safe inside them.

This footwear is much ideal in enabling flexible movement of your feet and thus gives trouble free walk.

Mostly school children and field players do prefer canvas shoes for its comfort aspects. You can wear them even for aerobics and fitness exercises, as they are highly flexible in nature and flex according to your foot movements. These are the best casual footwear preferred by many for its impeccable advantages that are listed below as follows;

  • They are much durable in nature and are highly waterproof.
  • Some casual shoes with floral designs on them give you a stylish appearance thus satisfying your fashion needs.
  • They are usually designed with a blend of cotton and canvas lining that ensures good breathable comfort to your feet.
  • They are ideal in enhancing lightweight comfort to your feet.
  • This footwear is a good bet in providing excellent support and traction for stout persons.
  • This footwear is mostly used as boat shoes by boats man as they provide enhanced support.

A great thing about canvas shoes is they are available at ‘moderate cost’ and with a ‘low maintenance’ aspect. After you buy a nice pair of canvas shoe to suit your outfits, with a preference for style and color, the foremost step is to protect the shoes before you wear them. Just apply starch or cloth care spray to them to safeguard the surface of canvas. Take utmost care while you spray the shoes by wearing vinyl made gloves and then after spraying wash your hands completely.

Another advantage of affordable Canvas shoes is you can wash them in washing machine to remove the stains. Before you throw them into the machine, remove the surface dirt on them using a damp cloth. If your footwear is muddy, scrub them with a soft brush and wash with water before putting into washing machine. Remove the laces before washing the shoes by hand or machine.

Remove the salt stains as quick as possible to avoid Canvas going hard with cracks. To remove the salt stains easily, use a ‘suede and fabric’ shampoo and then set them at appropriate place to dry. Avoid drying your footwear under direct sunlight, radiator or dryer, as this would damage the material making it to loose its natural characteristics.

You could very well overcome the problem of retaining the original shape of your canvas shoes after many uses by simply inserting a shoe tree into them. And one more important thing is that, when you find your laces wear down, replace them immediately to get snug fit all time. Each time properly tie your laces for perfect fit to walk comfortably.

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