Apple and Rooster Kitchen Curtains Are Full of Warmth

Apple kitchen curtains and rooster kitchen curtains are two styles that are very popular. They make a kitchen seem that much more homey. These two styles originated a long time ago and are associated with the quiet and peaceful countryside life.

Apples have always been a great part of early American culture and this is also true today. Apples pies and Apple juice are great examples of tradition and culture. People were so fond of their apple harvest that they began to sew pictures of apples on their curtain fabrics.

The same is also true for the fondness of the rooster which actually symbolizes a lot of things and among them a new day to prosper. Wives of farmers spent some of their free time decorating their kitchen windows with curtains that had a roosters on them. Many also sewed similar style tablecloths to match the curtains.

This tradition exists today and it’s not necessary that you live on a farm to enjoy these two lovely styles. They are first and foremost about family life and they would certainly add warmth to any kitchen in any home.

Certainly they are not for everyone an a young urban professional might think they are old fashioned. And that’s actually true but old fashion never goes out of style. What was a classic yesterday remains a classic today and dare I say that apple and rooster styled kitchen curtains are indeed very classic.

If you want to add a little warmth to your kitchen then look into these designs. They have simple family life written all over them.

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