Brown UGG Classic Cardy Boots – Shades of Brown For Women and Girls 2009-2010

Brown UGG Classic Cardy Boots – Shades of Brown For Women and Girls 2009-2010

When searching out “Brown UGG Classic Cardy Boots” one may or may not know the range of shades available.  Even though some of the brown shades have been discontinued from the Cardy lineup, they are still quite often available to purchase online. 

Here is some information on the various brown shades in the UGG Classic Cardy lineup for women and girls:

Fig Brown Cardy Boots – This is a new color for the 2009 and 2010 seasons.  It is a deep rich brown with what appears to be a tad bit of berry color mixed inr.  This is a gorgeous shade and is versatile enough to go with many different colors in a wardrobe.  This boot is available in women’s sizes only.

Stout Brown Classic Cardy – This was the dark brown shade that was introduced in the 2008 and 2009 fall and winter seasons.  It is a rich sort of “chocolate” brown.  This color has been discontinued for this year but can still fairly easily be found online in both women’s and girls’ sizes.

Oatmeal Brown UGG Cardy – As you might have guessed from the name, these boots are the color of oatmeal – a lighter shade of brown that might even be dubbed “tan” or “ecru”.  The color is quite versatile – they make the perfect “go with everything” boots.  This shade appears to have been discontinued for the ’09 and ’10 seasons although I have seen more than I expected from online merchants so they may be making their way into a more “permanent” lineup of colors.  Oatmeal is available in women’s sizes only.

Whether you are looking for a lighter or rich dark shade of Brown UGG Classic Cardy boots, any of the shades above have been readily available online – at least as of Fall 2009 – and can also be found for a lower price than one might expect to pay, at least from a few online merchants.

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