Classic Clothing Brands Popular Among Hip Hop Clothing

Classic Clothing Brands Popular Among Hip Hop Clothing

Almost since its inception, hip hop music has been bringing people together (think Aerosmith and Run DMC), so it stands to reason that hip hop clothing would do the same for styles. This style is all about combining the classic and the new, from an old beat on a new track, to incorporating a timeless fashion piece into a very modern style of clothing.

There are many brands that hip hoppers follow in addition to brands that specifically cater to them. Because of the huge following that this trend is able to glean, these already ultra popular brands have caused people to become almost obsessive in their following of the brands. These super cool classics include:

Ralph Lauren-designs several lines, including Polo. Polo is a huge hit among most urban and suburban crowds alike. Ralph designs everything from clothing for women, men, and children, to bed sheets and towels.

Tommy Hillfiger-is a classic American designer who is favored in the hip hop world for his crisp denim, polos, and tee shirts. Tommy offers dressy options as well.

Gucci-does not really design clothes. Accessories are their specialty. Upscale wallets, handbags, luggage, belts, ties, scarves, and jewelry are all on Gucci’s roster. Gucci items are very expensive, but are made of the finest materials and last a long time.

Prada-is an Italian company also known in the hip hop world for its bags, although entire collections of fashion forward clothing are available from them. Prada also has an upscale price tag.

Coach-also has high quality bags, in addition to many other leather products and accessories, including belts and shoes. Coach has both trendy and timeless pieces to choose from in an array of sizes and colors, as well as textures, making it worth the extra expense to some.

Steve Madden-is an American shoe designer who is always at the fashion forefront. His high quality shoes are generally more affordable than some of the other upscale designers, making his styles more accessible.

DKNY-stands for Donna Karan New York. DKNY is a complete clothing line that is functional and fashionable. The styles are completely wearable.

If you love the look of hip hop, but find some of it too daring, consider trying out a couple of these brands first. Not only are they extremely popular among the hip hop set, but their timelessness offers the comfort of a trusted friend. Even though there are many fashion forward options among these designers, there will always be a classic you can fall back on in times of need.

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