Classic Salwar Kameez Varieties

Classic Salwar Kameez Varieties

Ethnic fashion is full of some astoundingly beautiful clothes, but nothing can beat the comfortable and versatile appeal of the salwar kameez. Not too long back, sarees and lehenga cholis were considered the ultimate in chic Indian dressing and the salwar kameez was considered an attractive but essentially simple casual wear outfit. It has come a long way in the last couple of decades; today, the salwar kameez is capable of being just as glamorous and exclusive as any other type of Indian garment. Much of it has to do with the advent of salwar kameez online shopping. Online portals selling authentic as well as designer Indian garb have really popularized these garments and given them a loyal customer base in countries around the world. Today, when it comes to traditional as well as modern salwar kameez, online shopping is the premier mode of purchase. Here are some of the different types of salwar kameez which are a must have in any ethnic wardrobe:

Punjabi Suit

This is probably one of the oldest types of salwar kameez, but it has nevertheless managed to capture the hearts of the young and modern generation. The tremendous variety of Punjabi suits online is proof enough of how popular these outfits are, especially for casual wear or daily wear. Nowadays, they typically come in a slightly funkier, more stylish avatar to appeal to the tastes of modern women. The main appeal of these new and trendy types of Punjabi suits online is that they really reflect the mindset of the new generation of young Indian girls: they are ethnic without being traditional, modern without being bold and vibrant without being loud. Add to all this the fact that they are also one of the most comfortable ethnic garments in the market and it becomes very easy to understand where the appeal lies.

Anarkali Salwar Suit

This is also one of the oldest types of salwar kameez as it was first worn in medieval times by courtly dancers in the Mughal court. Today, the unique, flattering anarkali cut has become one of the most fashionable silhouettes in India. It is a red carpet and runway favorite because of its perfect combination of glamour and traditional beauty. Most women prefer to get the anarkali dress online because this allows them access to a much greater amount of variety in terms of colors and designs. There are many different types of anarkali dresses online for women to choose from, from the heavy designer styles to the simple, every day wear options. However, the fitting with this type of outfit is very important which is why women should always get it tailored to their individual size.

Pakistani Shalwar

As the name suggests, these are the traditional outfits of Pakistani women. They have a very distinctive look, as they come with full sleeves and a floor length for the kameez. Regal, elegant and sophisticated, these are the perfect garments for formal weddings and parties.

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