Colored Skinny Jeans – A Fashion For Women and Girls of All Ages

Some of the fashion trends are strictly meant for young girls while others are more suitable only for women. However, a fashion trend which allows full freedom of enjoyment to both women and girls is always regarded as the best. Girls love such fashion trends because they wish to look womanly whereas women love these trends because they want to look more girlish and young. This may seem a little funny to some of you but this is how it has always been and will be.

Colored skinny jeans form an important part of fashion during this year. These jeans are for both women and girls, however you need to be careful to examine if this style suits your body frame or not.

Body Frame

Skinny jeans are for slim body frames. This is how it got its name SKINNY; because it is for skinny girls and women.


They are best paired with high heeled shoes and high boots. There are many different types of heels such as platform, pencil and block, and you can pick any which suits your style and offers you a high level of comfort. The size of the heel may depend on your height but the most preferred height of the heel may be from 2 to 4 inches.

Following are some of the ways to help women and girls look extraordinarily pretty with this style of jeans:

Skinny jeans for Women

Women can go for dark colors like black, dark blue and brown. These will look decent and graceful. You can also go for accessories such as belts and handbags. These jeans are best paired with tight tops and high heels in the case of women.

Skinny Jeans for Girls

For girls, as a fashion expert, I would recommend light colored jeans. For summers, you can go for colors such as pink, purple and white. However, nowadays you may also find many top quality brands selling jeans with great personalized designs. You can choose one for yourself that is exactly according to your taste and style. These skinny jeans come with different designs and styles that include rhinestones, appliques and many other types of embellishments.

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