Colors, Fashion and Jewelry Trends For 2010

Colors, Fashion and Jewelry Trends For 2010

Happy New Year To All! Now that all the holiday fuss is over and we are back to reality, we actually have to start considering the fashion trends for the coming spring season. There are three main fashion trend components to focus on; colors, clothing and fine jewelry. This article spotlights how fine jade jewelry compliments these fashion factors.

There is much to look forward to in terms of colors this upcoming spring season. The spring colors range from vibrant and striking to more neutral and subdued, but they all seem to carry a natural and organic element. Just as in nature we may find a prairie scene of an amalgam of greens and browns with highlights of reds and purples. This combination of more mild and earthy colors with a stronger accent color works just as well in fashion as it does in nature. This season’s trends concentrate on blending these colors and finding the best combinations.

Some of the more mild earthy colors showing in the fashion scene are light terracotta, hazelnut, chocolate brown, dried herb greens, forest green and light violet. Chinese lacquer red, strong apple green, robust plum lavender, deep royal blue, and butterscotch yellow are some of the more spicy and sexy accent colors.

Many are unaware of the extensive color range of fine jade. Some of the most popular colors of jade are the most perfect accent pieces for all fashionable fare, including light minty green jade, strong apple green jade, imperial green jade, forest green jade, light and medium lavender jade, deeper plum lavender jade, light sunshine yellow jade, butterscotch yellow jade, deep Chinese red jade, and so on.

The ‘boyfriend’ wear is making a comeback. Boyfriend jeans and blazers are everywhere, making them a more acceptable daily fashion statement. There is much fun to be had with these types of clothes. The blazers are just begging for an elegant, but fun pin. A gold stick pin with a carved green or lavender jade top are perfect are a compliment to the large lapel. The over-sized blazers usually have folded sleeves which begs for a strong, colorful and fun wrist piece. Jade bangles, that are available in a variety of colors, fill the spot. They are durable, versatile and make a statement for either all day or evening wear. Try wearing one colorful bangle with white gold or yellow gold thinner bangles depending on your outfit’s colors.

Jade jewelry has become quite popular of late due to the versatility of jade colors, the durability of jade for daily jewelry wear, and the increasing value of natural jadeite jade. Jadeite jade jewelry is considered to be fine jewelry, but that does not always mean it is only available at a fine jewelry price. Many natural fine jade jewelry pieces are quite affordable and valuable investments. However, always be sure to buy your fine jade jewelry from a reputable source. There are many vendors selling dyed and treated merchandise, and these pieces do not have the same value and durability as untreated jade.

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