Colour Mobile Phones – The Next Fashion Craze

Colour is very important in our lives as it affects our emotions, moods, physical, and spiritual well-being. It brings excitement and vibrancy to the world which would be dull and drab without all the wonderful hues. Colours make their own statement and reflect our personalities. They are capable of creating different moods – like excitement, calmness, passion, etc.

Mobile phone manufacturers have also realized the importance of colours and have introduced many handsets in a range of colours. As the mobile phone has progressed from being a functional device to a fashion accessory, the colour of the instrument becomes equally important. These colourful phones provide strong visual and emotional appeal to those who own them.

Mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, etc have all launched colourful models to appeal to the style conscious consumers. The classic black cell phone has given way to passionate red, blushing pink, shimmering silver and bronze, even orange, blue and chocolate.

Samsung has launched the D900 Red as a very high-end model packed with features. Red is the colour of passion, excitement, warmth, movement, and drama.

Orange means optimism. It is primarily the colour of joy. It is warm, welcoming, just bursting with earthly energy. The Samsung X830 in orange colour is indeed a joy to possess.

Pink communicates happiness, grace and elegance. Mobile phone manufacturers have pampered the fair sex by launching a range of pink phones that are elegant to look at and are packed with the latest multimedia features under their delicate pink covers. The Nokia 7373, Motorola V3X, Sony Ericsson Z610i, LG U 880, 890, etc are some delicate pink phones designed for the dainty lady.

LG has introduced the Chocolate (KG800) phone that is being sold as the next fashion sensation in the mobile phone world. This sleek phone has a sliding design complemented by extremely slick, glowing red buttons that glow when in use and fade out when not in use.

Philanthropy also becomes a part of the coloured mobile phones.Motorola has launched a red mobile phone to help some of the millions of people in Africa who suffer from AIDS. Their idea was to get big companies to help the fight against AIDS in Africa by creating red-themed products that would in some way financially contribute to African AIDS programmes.

When you buy this phone, a red Slvr L7, £10 from the sale will go directly to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Make your life colourful and pick a vibrant mobile phone to complement your personality.

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