Fashion For Male Models, Direct From the Catwalk

There’s always plenty of fashion advice out there for women, but what about men? This article is dedicated to all the budding male models out there who would like a little fashion guidance for Autumn/Winter 2009.

Smart dress – The 2009 suit guide:

This year, though we have moved away from the ‘skinny boy’ suit, we have not said goodbye to the slim-cut suit altogether. It’s classic meets modern in 2009-2010, and the ideal suit for men will be a fusion of classic tailoring and the modern masculine silhouette. The English suit is the most classic of all and English suits are known for their slim military cut. (This military theme will also be present in men’s Jackets for Autumn/Winter – see ‘Casual dress’)

The most fashionable suits in 2009/2010 should follow three basic guidelines:

o Broad shoulders

o Slim waist

o Slim trousers

Also look out for the return of the double breasted suit, for which the guidelines above apply equally well. These new cuts are designed to highlight a well-worked body, so it may be time for a trip to the gym!

Casual dress:

A good example of the fusion between elegance and modernity is the military-style jacket mentioned above, which may well be this season’s must-have item for the fashion conscious man. Wear it with jeans for a laid-back look.

You can also team your jeans with vintage t-shirts inspired by album artwork, tile print shirts and deep V-neck, slim-fit sweaters or cardigans.

The hottest hues for guys over the next few months are black, white and purples.

Current hair trends guide:

Whether you go smart or casual there is a hair trend to match. Hot looks for guys this year seem to be split between two main styles incorporating the fringe and the slick back.

The fringe can be a variety of lengths though backs and sides should remain short and neat. You can wear your fringe textured and ‘undone’ or swept over to the side, either way it looks great with a little layering and texture detail which can be achieved with wax.

The slick back style can be worn with or without a parting, try it both ways and try the parting on both sides before you settle on whichever suits you best. The product for this style of course has to be Brylcreem and if done right it works for all ages. George Clooney wears this trend with style if you need some guidance from a pro.

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