Is eBay Over Saturated?

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People make a living teaching people how to sell on eBay. Is eBay still a good place to make money online? A lot of people are wondering if eBay still holds a lot of promise or if it’s just too oversaturated for anyone not already capitalizing the site to make enough money to call eBaying more than a hobby.

Successful female internet marketers like Sydney Johnston have created a world of multimedia courses like Auction Genius that promise to show people how to really capitalize on auction sites so that they can replace their income and even quit their day job. But can you still become an eBay powerseller even though there are already a lot of them? Can you really compete with people that have already been successfully selling on eBay for years?

In truth, the number of people buying stuff online increases every day so increasing stores popping up to meet that demand make this opportunity a very potentially lucrative one. That’s why you’ll see that so many online stores exist on eBay. While this site started off with people getting rid of their excess storage in the basement or garage it has evolved to a global shopping mall where you can buy just about anything. There aren’t just people selling whatever is in their garage. There are people that have thriving wholesale businesses on the site and some of those people run businesses from their computer and are more successful than the retail stores in the cities where they live.

Why sell your goods on eBay?

Sure, there’s a cost of business of doing things with eBay, who charges fees for the use of their site but they do a lot for those fees including bringing you scads of online traffic that includes people with their credit card number in their hand. Instead of starting from scratch with your own website, this system already exists and enables you to simply start selling. You don’t even need to have goods to sell because there are so many drop ship and wholesale opportunities out there that deal in many different categories so whether you want to sell household goods, electronics, fashion or something that’s really specialized, auction sites are becoming the norm rather than the exception for shoppers.

Because the site is trusted, has many payment options and a dispute resolution process a lot of people are more willing to buy there rather than buy from just any old online store. True, there are a lot of power sellers competing for business but there are a lot of customers, too.

So, since there’s so much competition, if you want to make money selling products on auction sites you need to become an auction genius. How do you do that? There are a lot of websites, blogs, newsletters, courses and e-books dedicated to teaching people how to figure out what to sell, how to market themselves and how to be the online store that people choose when browsing for goods. It’s not too late to capitalize on selling on eBay, especially if you delve into the many resources available to teach you how to do it.

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