Lelli Kelly Shoes – The Real Deal For Your Princess

Lelli Kelly Shoes – The Real Deal For Your Princess

Lelli Kelly shoes are made in Italy to meet the high European standards in expressing fun and style; the Lelli kelly line of shoes only caters for the young girls needs. The shoes are detailed in colour and spirit combined with sparkle and fashion that will make your young princess unique distinguishing her from the pack. Despite their origin being in Italy, they have grown to command great demand all over the world with multiple shops yearning to put them on their catalogue. The availability of these kids shoes in different sizes and style have made them the first choice for girls of all ages globally.

Qualities that make the Lelli Kelly shoes great

i) Their prices are great compared to other shoes; most of the shoes come in prices that are between twenty and a hundred pounds. This range of pricing allows majority of mothers to afford different pairs for their girls depending on the need.

ii) The shoes also come with a great variety to choose from; their catalogues has sandals, boots, rain wear, school wear, classic, baby classic, cold, fashion, newborn, rain boots, snow wear, slippers and sports. They also come in different colours that will make the child wear them comfortably in school, during sports and in any playground.

iii) Each pair of the Lelli Kelly shoes comes with free gifts packages of such things as nail stickers, mobile phone bag, and magic doll lip gloss among others. These gifts will make your young girl happier and pride the shoes you buy for her.

iv) The shoes come with great quality and comfort making your little girls feet comfortable all day. All the materials used in these shoes meet the high European standards; the inner sole is perforated to let the air circulate freely while the outer sole is very light and antiskid.

v) All the components of Lelli Kelly shoes follow the high European quality standards. The inner sole is made of real perforated leather while the outersole is fine, light, fully-antiskid with air holes.

vi) The girl’s feet is kept dry all day by the latex technology used where the innersole absorbs the feet perspiration and turns it into a gel.

The Latex Foam Technology in Lelli Kelly shoes

This innovation has been developed due to the growing needs of the health and comfort of the girl child. The latex foam is inserted below the inner leather sole to absorb the moisture keeping the feet fresh and dry all the day. The feet or body heats initiates the release of the refreshing and odour absorbing agent which is able to absorb moisture to over 150{3ec13c407393c77d0b76ac354e5e8751bb426f2c8d05d24f69f7e9f5bf644d15} times the latex foam weight. The technology works as following;

* The perforated pure leather innersoles drives away the feet perspiration to the under sole.

* Anti-bacteria agent in the latex foam stops the odour causing bacteria action

* The latex foam them absorbs the moisture and turns it into a gel away from the girls feet

* The perforations let the absorbed moisture to escape all throughout the day.

The Lelli Kelly shoes are one of the best kids shoes that you will ever find in the market for they meet are the requirements that are demanded for the girls’ shoes. Comfort, quality, style and fashion characterize every girl’s life.

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