Make a Difference in the World by Wearing Eco Friendly T Shirts

It seems that the world today has gone from bad to worse. People became indifferent to the plight of their fellows. Prices of commodities continue to soar. The worst of all is that the environment has been neglected by the majority. This led to dire consequences felt around the world. Although most people have become pessimistic and have simply ceased to care, you can still make a difference by wearing eco friendly t shirts. It isn’t too late to change and do something for the environment.

Eco friendly t shirts refer to those garments that have been manufactured using environmentally friendly practices. Most manufacturers, such as those found in Australia, who make these t shirts also see to it that they observe fair labor practices.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing practices means that from the moment raw cotton is grown, the farming methods implemented did not cause undue harm to the environment. Cotton produced using eco friendly methods are called as organic cotton.

This type of cotton reached maturity not because of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but by using organic materials such as compost or animal manure. These materials do not harm the environment, unlike synthetic fertilizers that destroy the natural nutrients in the soil.

Farms that produce organic cotton use pesticides that were not made from harmful carcinogenic chemicals. They mostly utilize organic pesticides, which are usually mixtures of water and various plants that have natural insect-repelling properties.

Makers of eco friendly t shirts provide a sweatshop free environment to their workers. They make sure that laborers are paid accordingly and are not exposed to subhuman conditions.

You see, by simply wearing eco friendly t shirts, you are already making a big difference in this world that has been swallowed by apathy and self-interest, let alone greed and desire for power. You are actually telling everyone that you do care, and that something could still be done to save the environment.

You can start wearing these eco friendly t shirts now. Just remember to look for those t shirts with a “100{3ec13c407393c77d0b76ac354e5e8751bb426f2c8d05d24f69f7e9f5bf644d15} organic cotton” label. This may be a small thing, a minuscule effort, but it could mean a lot for the environment. You might even create a domino effect and influence others to do the same, which would lead to a better world.

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