Making Fashion Designing Speedy And Easy – Designing Software

Making Fashion Designing Speedy And Easy – Designing Software

The fashion industry has come a long way and has grown into one of the largest industries in the world. On account of the growth of this industry, the use of technology in this field has increased. Fashion designing software is increasingly being used by fashion designers.

Fashion designing software greatly aids the work of a fashion designer and help in more effective performance. They help in saving a lot of a time, money and energy. These software packages help the designer in experimenting with a number of textures, colors and patterns for producing the perfect design. They provide a variety of sketch backgrounds, tools for designing and repeating patterns and texture mapping.

There are various fashion design software packages available in the market today, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw among others. Fashion designers have often been observed to use customized software according to their own individual requirements. They aid the designer right from the stage of designing to the production of apparel. Perfectly fitting garments can be created. The process of creating a design or a pattern as well as cutting has become easier with the help of software. Designs can be made faster and more accurately. There are a number of basic designs incorporated in the software, which the designer can make use of. The designers can make modifications in the basic designs and personalize them. Even 2D and 3D formats of a design can be created. These designs can be printed or sent to others through e-mail.

Such software helps the designer in creating a number of patterns and also in the repetition of patterns. They also help the designer in selecting the right texture for the garment. The designer can choose the right color for the garment from the various colors available and can even customize them. It helps in the easy management of production. The efficiency and productivity of the designer increases with the use of designing software.

The Fabric Drapery module in such software allows the designer to drape a design on a model by dragging and dropping the design on the model. Patterns can be created and applied on the design. The Image Repeat option allows the designer to repeat images, rotate them and perform overlays. The Weave Creation option helps in creating different textures using different warps and wefts in different colors. The Fabric Recoloring option allows the designer to change the color of the fabric used in the design and in customizing colors.

Basically, there are two types of software that a fashion designer can choose from – vector-based software or raster-based software. Vector images are also referred to as object-oriented drawings. Vector images provide greater resolution and quality as compared to raster images. These images can be resized without degrading the quality of the image. They are much smaller than raster images. Raster images are more realistic than vector images. They can be used to create a natural picture by providing a number of special effects. It is for the designer to decide whether to use vector-based software or raster-based software.

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