Men’s and Women’s Designer Jeans – Make Designer Delicious

While not all men’s and women’s designer jeans are hot, even the trendiest styles can take a nose dive without the right flare. In today’s world, fashion is more than just high-end threads; it’s all about the attitude and the complete look. If you plan on taking big name threads from trendy denim to true celebrity-worthy style, it is all about how you wear them.

Accessorizing Men’s Designer Jeans

Men’s big name denim looks nice all on its own, but to go from the ‘boy next door’ to fashion hottie, the secret is all in the accessories. Most men shy away from accessories, but the transformation brought on by a single item is stunning.

Carefully select pieces that demonstrate true masculinity with a great fashion sense. Great examples of this are trends set by the likes of David Beckham and John Mayer. A wide leather bracelet, pewter charmed dog tags, and even mid length chain necklaces are top on the macho accessory list.

For a slightly bolder statement of fashion presence, pick out a coordinating scarf or hat. The scarves are made of luxurious materials with the perfect touch of pattern and color. When it comes to hats, Swarovski crystals, touches of pewter, and artistic collages can dress up the plainest denim duds. Add these along with a ‘guess what I’m thinking’ look and you have yourself delicious designer denim that is guaranteed to kill.

Dressing Up Women’s Designer Jeans

Ask any lady with an eye for fashion, and she’ll tell you the first step to accessorizing the right pair of jeans is selecting the perfect footwear. When it comes to sandals, look for wide and stylish straps that accent the embroidery and Swarovski crystals perfectly.

If pumps are what you are into, look for styles with large patterns and details. Wide cuffs and stacked heels are all the rage when it comes to the hottest calf high boots. With handbags, select a small version or a large one, but look for bold embellishments and bright colors.

When searching for the perfect jewelry to spark extra life into women’s designer jeans, wide bangles and bracelets with gold accents will definitely do the trick. Metal versions inspired by men’s fashions are fantastic for the girl wanting to add a feistier touch to her look.

The same can be said for rings. Champagne rings and added charms add that extra little pizzazz that goes a long way. Rather than selecting too many pieces to wear at once, look for one or two pieces that will say almost everything and walk with the moves that say the rest.

Hot denim jeans are popular because they look fantastic. The secret to really pulling off the effect of men’s and women’s designer jeans is what you put with it and how you feel while you’re in them. Select the perfect accessories and coordinate your look. All that’s left is to put a little attitude in your step and your delicious denim look is complete.

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