Moisture Wicking Clothing For Summer Comfort

With today’s active lifestyles, it is important our clothing is both stylish and functional. People who enjoy sporting activities during the warmer months benefit from apparel made from moisture wicking material. The technology used with these fabrics gives them the ability to draw moisture off the skin so that it evaporates away from the fabric and keeps the wearer dry and comfortable. Because these clothes “breathe,” it is possible to stay cool even on hot days or after a strenuous workout.

Many of the large athletic wear brands carry clothing lines especially made with moisture wicking fabric. However, for the conscientious shopper who is looking for Made In the USA, sweatshop free, or eco-friendly clothing, there are now various options available through smaller and locally owned clothing brands.

One of the USA brands that manufactures moisture wicking shirts and outerwear is King Louie America. Their shirts and polos are made with polyester to manage moisture. Their union made shirt styles are available for both men and women with a variety of colors to choose from.

Eagle USA Sportswear also carries various moisture wicking clothing lines designed with the athlete and exercise enthusiasts in mind. The fabric used in their clothing is also anti-static and anti-microbial for ultimate performance during activities. Their clothing is made in the USA and is manufactured by a family company that values workers rights and provides various benefits to its 400 plus employees.

For other fabric options, Akwa clothing brand offers shirts made from bamboo. This material has amazing properties that draws moisture away from the skin while fending off bacteria. In terms of the durability of bamboo clothes, it can withstand many washer and dryer cycles ensuring thorough cleaning without excessive wear and tear. Bamboo clothing also does not trigger skin irritations in individuals who have extremely sensitive skin. In addition, this material provides resistance against UV radiation while wicking moisture so that you do not feel uncomfortably hot during activities or in warmer climates. Bamboo is an excellent choice for anyone looking for functional and comfortable clothing for summer activities.

As the demand for ethical apparel grows, local manufacturers are taking notice and providing conscientious consumers with apparel that is union made, made in the USA, and made with innovative eco materials. Shoppers looking for specialty clothing like those made with moisture wicking fabric are not limited to big brands that don’t strictly adhere to fair labor conditions or avoid the use of sustainable materials. Now anyone can stay comfortable in USA or Union Made moisture wicking clothing this summer.

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