Online Fax – How To Use A Comparison Services Site

When you’re talking about sending faxes, you do have to first compare “apples to oranges”, mainly because you have to compare your current “conventional fax machine” to these new more modern online fax services. Perhaps you or your company would prefer faxing the old fashion way, strictly limiting your business and fax messages to the office and office hours; you simply don’t want to be bombarded with business faxes all hours of the day, regardless of your location.

However, if you do decide you want a more modern way to send and receive all your faxes, then you must compare all the different online fax providers to find the one which is best suited in price and services to perfectly match your needs. This is also where using an online fax services comparison site can prove very helpful.

Obviously, there are certain features you must check and compare in order to find the best service for you or your company. Leading the way would be the monthly price or fees these services will charge you each month. Next, you have to check the number of faxes you can send/receive for this monthly price, comparing this number with the price will tell you if you’re getting value for your money or not? Plus, you should also definitely check the overage cost of each fax, should you go over your limit, as these charges have a nasty habit of building up.

You should also check the availability of a local fax number in your area, most of the major fax providers have these but you must check. Most services will also give you the option of having a Toll-Free fax number. Another feature to check and compare is the number of “email addresses” which can be used with your account, this can be important if you want your faxes to be received by different employees/divisions in your company. Also check to see if the provider offers corporate plans, as these special plans can save you money.

Online storage is another feature you must check and compare since each provider will have different amounts and lengths. Some will give you unlimited storage
which you can keep online for an indefinite time frame. However, most will be limited in both storage and time you can store your messages online, so using an online comparison site to check and compare these features is a must.

Lastly, comparing the quality of these providers is probably the most important thing to consider. However, while online user reviews can prove helpful, these are usually on the negative side/feedback, mainly because when someone has a bad experience with a company they are more likely to write/post a negative review than someone who has had a positive experience. So take these reviews into consideration but don’t bet the farm on their accuracy, for one negative review, there could be hundreds or even thousands who have positive experiences with a company.

Thankfully, rather than relying on these rather biased reviews and ratings, most providers give you a Free 30 Day Trial where you can check out their services first-hand and decide for yourself whether or not their service and support are up to your standards. Use a comparison site to compare all the features to choose the right provider for your needs, then only after you have checked out the quality of their service, you can decide whether or not you want to keep it. What more can you ask for?

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