Painting Fashion Accessories

Painting Fashion Accessories

It is so exciting to see the new fashion trends emerging from around the world. The amount of new handbag designs and fashion accessories on the market is absolutely astounding. The display of such diverse talents is encouraging to see as the world opens up to a variety of intriguing styles. The beauty in this is there is room for even more amazing designers to bring their blow-me-away designs to the fore. One fashion trend that has been holding its own for quite some time are fabric paintings on fashion accessories.

There is so much that can be done with just basic fabric painting skills and color coordination. Each designer adds their own special twist to their creation; making their designs stand out in the crowd. Even though many designers are choosing to use leather or straw as their material of choice for their handbags, they still manage to carve out a niche and a style that is completely different from the rest. Quite a number are able to do this by adding that something special to their design.

With the appetites of the new “fashionistas” of the day at an all time high; progressive designers are seeking even greater means to taking their designs up a notch to meet the demands of the fashion savvy. Undoubtedly there will always be a market for the ordinary; you know the safe dressers. They will and should be kept happy too. However, those who want to step out with their accessories saying something; well those are the ladies waiting for you to craft your beautiful designs.

I can only imagine what brilliant designers can do with unique and original fabrics integrated with conventional materials. This is not for the faint at heart however. To step out from the crowd to dare to be different has never been an easy decision. For those at the top however, it has been the only way to go. For the aspiring designers, there’s nothing to lose so they jump in whole hog, hoping to create that design that not only excites them but their prospective clients.

Creating fashion accessories really opens the door for your individual gifts and talents to be expressed in the purses you design and wear. Although many folks are wearing the name brand handbags, there are millions I’m sure who would like to have a totally off-the-wall custom designed purse. With this being the case, why not make it yours.

We see this evident with a number of celebrities. Though they may not create the purses themselves they sure know just how to get their hands on stunning hand-made artistic purses. Well known celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria are sometimes photographed with their art bags.

When placing fabric paintings on fashion accessories for the first time, you want to choose something that’s within your ability to create if you are painting. Another way to dive into this creative stream is to purchase the ready-to-sew painted fabrics and design your purses from there. This way frustration is kept to a minimum. When you allow your thoughts and creative juices to flow unobstructed you really stand a better chance of completing the project. From that point you grow to an even more challenging level.

Making your fashion accessories can be just as thrilling as it is wearing them. So my friend, dust off your paint brushes, pull out your sewing machine and just go for it; you can never tell how far this idea may take you. I’m guessing you’ll be going places… real soon.

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