Panelized Home Construction – Preventing Owner-Builder Headaches and Saving Money

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First off, you may be asking, just what is panelized construction?

The technical answer: A panelized structure is a pre-engineered system of fabricated components constructed in a controlled ‘factory-like’ environment later delivered to the project’s job site to be assembled and finished.

It may sound complicated,but in reality it’s quite simple. A panelized system of building simply streamlines the home building process and prevents a whole lot of headaches and stress associated with job site dramas.

What few people realize is that the traditional form of construction involves framers building individual wall panels on-site, on the ground and when finished those same panels are stood up and braced ready for the next panel to be built. A panelized home is constructed in the same fashion, except the components are already finished upon arrival to the job site. All that’s left to be done is for the wall panels to be stood, the floor and roof systems placed and the project can be weather tight within a few days. Now it’s sounds simple, and that’s because when compared to the ‘old fashion’ way it really is. It takes fewer skilled laborers and goes up in significantly less time, which translates, fluently, as money saved.

In the end, a panelized home appears identical to a stick built custom home and many inspectors and skilled carpenters really cannot tell the difference. Unlike modular and manufactured homes, a panelized home can be fabricated from original custom plans and meet or exceed the strictest local, national, and international building codes.

Unfortunately, not all homes are created equal, however, with panelized construction a new home builder or a skilled professional can be certain that their homes will be several grades above all the rest. Prefabricated home systems are constructed within factory controlled environments that ensure consistent quality while avoiding product warping, shrinking and splitting of wood caused by the heat or moisture of the elements which stick built homes are constantly susceptible to.

As a result, with panelized construction, an owner/ builder can rely on the certainty of a well built home that’s constructed tighter, better and less expensive than the old and outdated methods of construction…

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