Shopping Tips for Men: How to Buy the Best Photo Handbag for the Woman You Love

Women can be very particular when it comes to the clothes and accessories they’re wearing. Men on the other hand are quite notorious with their (in)ability to shop. If you wish to surprise your girlfriend or wife this time with the perfect gift, you won’t go wrong when you give her a thoughtfully chosen photo handbag.

DIY vs. Shopping for a Photo Handbag

Yes, making a photo handbag from scratch is possible, and definitely a sweeter gesture than going shopping. This project however requires you to spend an inordinate amount of time and effort on the job, two elements that we’re pretty sure you can’t afford to expend. Thus, we’re here to teach you how to show your love in a different way instead.

DESIGNER OR CUSTOMIZED – Your shopping spree can end in Step 1 already depending on which type of photo handbag you choose to purchase. Several exclusive boutiques sell their own line of photo handbags. If your partner’s fond of branded stuff, going for a designer photo handbag is the answer to your prayers, although your choices are severely limited.

Customized handbags, however, are slightly cheaper but afford you a lot of options.

COLOR – If you think that a personalized photo handbag will appeal more to your partner, the next thing to select is the color of your photo handbag. Aesthetics and practicality should be both your main concerns. Besides finding a shade that you believe your partner would like, there are other factors that you should consider. Light colored photo handbags are not for women who spend most of their time outdoors because light shades make dirt and other blemishes easily visible.

PATTERN – Some women prefer their bags to have a patterned design rather than possessing one primary color. Be careful when choosing a pattern for the photo handbag because some patterns are suited for a certain age range. If you choose the wrong pattern, you could end up insulting rather than pleasing your partner with your gift!

TEXTURE – Some women prefer handbags made of hard cases while others prefer handbags made of soft material. Silk photo handbags are better suited for semi-formal to formal outings while cotton photo handbags are great for going to the mall or any other casual and daytime event.

SIZE – If your partner is the type to prefer taking the whole house with her whenever she goes out, your safest choice is buying a large photo handbag. On the other hand, a small sized photo handbag is the perfect choice for women who don’t want a lot of clutter whenever they go out.

PHOTO SLOTS – Most photo handbags only provide one photo slot for users, but some shops do sell photo handbags that provide a front and back photo slot.

CHOOSING A PHOTO – This is the last step but keep in mind it’s the most important one. Choose the photo that best defines your relationship with your partner or one that reminds you both of the happiest times you’ve shared.

A photo handbag appeals to women because of its multi-purpose characteristics; it’s essentially useful, attractive to look at, and most important of all, choosing the right photo to use for your photo handbag is the best thing you could have done to convince your woman just how much you treasure your relationship. Don’t be surprised if your partner expects an equally perfect gesture next year!

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