Silk Scarves and Shawls – Posh Maternity Wear for Expectant Moms

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but it is also a period when there are just so many things to think about and so many plans to be made. In addition, of course, it is a time when your preparations for the forthcoming event are inevitably going to incur expense. Especially if it is a first child and you are starting from scratch, with everything from cots and car seats to teeny tiny clothes and feeding bottles to buy, the costs can soon start to mount up, a fact which often makes expectant moms feel slightly guilty about looking after their own maternity needs.

Moms-to-be do not actually need much for themselves beyond a new set of clothes to accommodate their ever-expanding waistline and belly. Still though, they can sometimes feel uncomfortable about the idea of spending money on themselves when it could be spent on junior, and the fact that they are only going to get a few months’ wear out of their maternity clothes does not do much to encourage them either.

If buying maternity clothes for normal daytime wear feels like an extravagance though, then investing in evening wear feels even more so. The pregnant ladies of today, however, do not hide themselves away just because they are expecting (and nor should they) and so of course some nice outfits for those nights out are every bit as essential as their day wear.

As many moms-to-be will have learned through their own experience, there are a few tricks to keeping the costs of maternity clothes down while still managing to look at your radiant best. First of all, try to choose clothes of matching or complementary colors, because in that way you will be able to team up all the elements of your maternity wardrobe and still achieve a coordinated look. Secondly, if you do not find them too uncomfortable, aim to buy separates such as skirts, pants, blouses and tops, because again you will be able to mix and match and achieve a greater range of complete outfits. Thirdly, look beyond standard maternity wear towards items that you will still be able to wear after the birth. Although some women do put on additional weight all over their bodies during pregnancy, this is certainly not the case for most and so often it is possible to find tops and so on which will be perfectly wearable later on.

A couple of really great additions to your wardrobe when you are pregnant come in the form of long women’s silk scarves and shawls. Not only do these gorgeous accessories have no size restrictions so they can be worn before, during and after pregnancy, but they are also the ultimate way to transform a limited range of outfits. Fabulous hand painted silk scarves can be teamed up with just about anything for daytime or evening wear, and a stunning handmade silk shawl is just perfect for those special nights out. Because silk shawls tend to be quite long and cover a fair proportion of your clothes underneath, even if you do wear the same maternity evening dress throughout most of your pregnancy, with a different silk shawl over the top, no-one will even notice. Also, handmade silk shawls produced from 100{3ec13c407393c77d0b76ac354e5e8751bb426f2c8d05d24f69f7e9f5bf644d15} pure silk and with stunning hand painted designs add elegance and sophistication to any outfit, so dressing up your daytime wear to make it look really special is a piece of cake.

Although hand painted silk scarves and handmade shawls are not the cheapest women’s scarves and shawls available on the market, when compared to the cost of maternity clothes, they do represent superb value for money. Rather than just being worn for a few months and then stored away in the closet until next time, you will be wearing these exquisite items regularly and for years to come.

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