Skinny Jeans for Men

Jeans which are super slim and skinny are a hot trend at present for the guys who are fashion-forward. In the past decades, the guys’ skinny jeans have been principal and essential part of the wardrobe depicting a rock and roll look. According to some, this fashion trend has reached the streets right from the top, from Dior and Balenciaga. For a rock star look, some of the guys have worn girl’s pants, buying from the women’s section. Many designers make guys skinny jeans which have been bestsellers and the highly fashionable labels make them for the masses.

The men choosing to wear the slim jeans should embrace their fashion choice. It is a little bit difficult to pull off this look. Men should wear it with pride choosing the right size ensuring that the groin has enough breathing room for movements. This prevents soreness and also yeast infections. Jeans made of spandex or lycra is more comfortable. Different manufacturers have different in-seam measurements and also length, thus the different fits of these slim jeans.

With these slim jeans one should choose slimmer shoes. Chunky shoes detract and reduce the importance of the jeans slimming effect. The feet may look unattractive and clownish. Suitable shirts should be paired with the skinny jeans. Tight shirts can create a feminine silhouette. Shirts which have muted colors, patterns and buttons should be opted for. For wearing guys’ skinny jeans, one should tone the lower body as it is easy for the toned legs to fit in the leg holes which are tapered in these jeans.

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