SuperDry Tees

Adopted by celebrities such as David Beckham and Jude Law, SuperDry Tees, a relative new comer to the designer t-shirt market are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their vintage American look combined with a Japanese twist. Superdry t-shirts are a “must have” for the fashion conscious shopper.

Until recently, Superdry t-shirts have been quite hard to get hold of, but an infamous picture of David Beckham sporting one of Superdry’s leather jackets has shot the brand into the limelight and it has been picked up by numerous high street and online retailers in London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo…… I’m going to stop listing cities here or I would go on forever as Superdry tees can be found in towns and cities all over the world.

Despite its design influences, and claim on its logo to be a company registered in Tokyo, Japan, Superdry is in fact a British brand formed in 2003. It has now, however, penetrated those markets from which it gets its influence.

One of the most recognizable tees from Superdry is the “Classic Osaka” t-shirt. Available in a number of different colours, the Osaka style is taken from the Japanese love of baseball and features the name of the city of Osaka and a large number 6 with some small Japanese writing at the foot of the 6. It is made from 100{3ec13c407393c77d0b76ac354e5e8751bb426f2c8d05d24f69f7e9f5bf644d15} cotton and features details such as the Superdry logo on its sleeve.

Another of Superdry’s tee shirts you may have seen is the mono-colour print “Wildcat tee”. A Friday night out in any British town is sure to yield at least one sighting of this designer t-shirt. Featuring a design with the head of (as the name suggests) a wildcat snarling, and styled text reading “Super Wildcats, Tokyo City: JPN”. There are also some Japanese characters next to the wildcats head (don’t ask me what they say!) and a red Superdry logo on the right sleeve. Again, this t-shirt is made from 100{3ec13c407393c77d0b76ac354e5e8751bb426f2c8d05d24f69f7e9f5bf644d15} cotton and available in numerous colours.

SuperDry design and manufacture not only t-shirts, but also jackets, dress shirts, accessories and hooded sweatshirts. They even have a line of footwear, featuring leather boots.

Outside of the t-shirt range, Superdry likes to use a lot of denim and plaid on their clothing showing their western influences, something that is further reinforced with their line of tough leather boots with chunky buckles which would not look out of place digging a spur into a horse’s side.

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