The Antique Wheelchair Models

The Antique Wheelchair Models

Wheelchairs were very well known even a long time ago. As hundreds of years passed by, the old models of wheelchairs were becoming treasures historically. They may look not that very good and very old fashion but they are worth looking because they give a lot of meanings and inspiration.

To trace back how wheel chair started, is that from the time when a chair and wheel were both invented. Until time came that people combine wheels with some furniture until they were using chairs too. That is why, wheelchairs were invented. The first wheelchair was made for King Phillip II of Spain. That was 1595. That was the oldest wheelchair.

The second antique wheel chair was made during 1655 by a 22 years old paraplegic. And another one was in England which was made by John Dawson. That wheelchair was having three wheels at the back and one in front.

And after those frequent creations, more wheelchairs were made in the 18th century. That time, started upon having a wheelchair with adjustable footrests and a reclining back. So, during that time, the need of the handicapped persons was given more emphasis and importance.

Moreover, it is good to remember too that the wheels of the first wheelchairs were made from woods. But as time passes by, together with the improvement of bicycles, wheelchairs were being innovated too. That is why; wooden wheelchairs were replaced with iron wheels together with the rubber tires.

After that, motorized antique wheel chair was invented and discovered in London in 1916. So, from that on, many of innovations were made. So, a lightweight wheelchair was discovered too in India. This weight 58 lbs. And after that, another wheelchair that had quite resemblance of today’s wheelchair was made by Henry Jennings in 1932. It was a folding metal wheelchair.

For more antique collectibles for antiques wheelchair, one can visit the Black Halk Museum where there are lots of antique models of wheelchair. You can see several classical wheelchairs which were beautifully and artistically made. While looking at these, you will be amazed how the revolution was made in each wheelchair model. You will be inspired then, how blessed is the human being to develop such great creations like these.

And after looking back to these antique wheelchair, you can really see the big difference now of the modern wheelchairs. And you will feel how lucky you are that you exist in these days.

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