The Art of Walking Seductively in High Heels

The Art of Walking Seductively in High Heels

If you have ever desired to not just be able to walk in high heels, but to pull off a seductive stiletto strut, then read on.

When wearing high heels, your shoulders are drawn back, and your chest pushes forward. Also, your center of gravity is off a bit from what you’re used to. It’s important to keep this in mind as it can help you from taking a tumble.

Where to start? Begin by sucking in your stomach. It not only makes your outfit looks better, it will also give you better balance because your core is engaged. Next, keep your chest up. This should happen naturally when you suck in your stomach.

Now the next part might sound funny, but stick out your rear. When sucking in your stomach, combined with sticking out your chest and read, you’ll find it helps you to maintain the balance of your and ground your weight over the tiny heels of your shoes.

Begin to start walking, stepping smoothly, and with pride. The key to this step (no pun intended) is that you glide through the foot with a gentle heel, ball, toe step instead of stomping down with the whole foot at once. This is known in some circles as a dancer’s trick and save you from knee injuries or possibly twisted ankles.

While maintaining your perfect posture (chest and butt sticking out, sucking that stomach) keep your head straight and eyes forward, and walk with purpose.

Now with the essentials out of the way, onto your lesson of walking seductively in your high heels. With each step that you take, your foot should crossover and land in front of the other. In other words, your feet are lined up, one in front of the other with each step. This causes your hips to swing and provide a seductive move, as well as a bounce to your derriere.

It’s up to you just how seductive your walk should be. It’s a matter of how much swing you put into each step. Keep in mind that overdoing a seductive walk can be hazardous to innocent bystanders observing the hypnotizing swing of your hips and walk.

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