The Uses of a Megaphone

One may think that communication has become quite instantaneous in our age that certain “old fashioned” gear such as the megaphone would be obsolete by now. Sure we have texting and our cellphones is just simply a elbow’s reach away – not to mention we now spend a good amount of our quality time online. However, in a high octane, critical fire emergency situation nothing beats a fire marshall shouting out instructions after the ensuing fire alarm. The noise is deafening, but it works in saving lives. There is no doubt about it – in a world amid instantaneous communication this device has stood the test of time and is still good to be improved in quality over and over again. And there are a good number of reasons why this is so.

First, because it is a device that can be used literally anywhere and everywhere. It can be used outdoors and indoors just as effectively for a good number of the newly made models. It can be used by a second grade teacher to line up her class at the school gymnasium or at the soccer field just the same. As illustrated by this example, it isn’t only in emergency situations that it becomes useful but in many other cases too. If I were a tour operator of large groups, I wouldn’t dream of conducting my tours without one. I can use it to direct as well as easily call out any lost or missing people, particularly the children in the given area at any given time. It is very useful in outdoor recreational activity too such as most outdoor sports, boat row races, group dynamics and the like.

Second, because a megaphone has multiple functions more than amplifying one’s voice. If in the case a fire alarm system doesn’t sound off in the case of a fire, the siren is loud enough to fill the corridors of any given area – alerting the residents to its noise. Close enough, this can activate a fire door’s Dorgard system installed on to it preventing the further spread of the flames. It has a whistle function that also screeches for the same purpose making people respond quickly. These extra functions give the responsible person or the fire marshall a nifty safety tool as a “manual alarm and PA system”. Obviously, simply texting a trapped person in a burning building to “jump” onto a fire fighter’s safety net isn’t gonna cut it.

Sure we all have (and love) our hand held communication devices for day to day instantaneous exchange of information. However, our local fire marshall especially advises us that good old fashion stuff works in emergency situations – and this is perhaps the perfect example. When that fire alarm goes off and everyone goes ballistic, one cannot be more thankful to have a megaphone ready for action at any given time. It is an indispensable and “the old reliable” versatile and emergency device that is relatively low cost but can save what is priceless to us.

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