Vacationing Without a Car – Catalina Island, CA

Vacationing Without a Car – Catalina Island, CA

You can do everything on Catalina Island; it is like a destination resort only bigger and better. You can visit for a day or stay all summer. Catalina Island is 22 miles off of the coast of Long Beach, California; it is a seaside escape with a year round Mediterranean climate, with no freeways so therefore no cars, except for the taxis you can find in town. The only town on the island is Avalon and most restaurants, shops and attractions are within walking distance.

The City of Avalon is one mile square and most people like to just walk and/or stroll it, as there is so much to see and enjoy, however, if that isn’t your style there are taxis and also a tram, the tram is called Island Hopper and it has a regular route through town.

Water sports abound, hiking is a popular sport, getting married on the island is romantic, relaxing is divine, all kinds of sight seeing and shopping. This island has it all, gourmet restaurants and delightful snack and ice cream shops.

Once you get there and/or to the boat dock no gas stations, so this will be a true vacation, as you can’t drive on the island. You will be using all different kinds of alternative transportation or the good ole fashion kind, walking. The other thing this means is that the air is clean and clear, can it get better than this.

How do you get to this island paradise? The most popular is to take the Catalina Channel Express and it leaves daily from Long Beach and San Pedro. It takes about an hour and you take all your baggage and personal belongings with you on the boat, there are luggage requirements so be sure and get familiar with those when you make your reservations. All these fine little details can be handled by your personal travel website agent, they are just an email away. There is also transportation from Newport Beach on what is called the Catalina Flyer and it takes about 75 minutes. Then there is also a seaplane service if that sounds like fun for you and you can go by your own boat and they have docking service for that also.

Overnight accommodations abound on the island from camping out to five star resorts and condos, you just decide what kind of lodging you want and they will have it. Of course if you plan on going in the summer, reservations need to be booked well in advance as the island fills up in the summer. All of these arrangements and reservation can be made online in the comfort of your home and even better yet you can just turn it over to your personal travel website agent, all you have to do is come up with the ideas and then enjoy your vacation to Catalina Island.

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