Versatile Nursing Scrubs – Not Just for Nurses

When you think about scrubs, you either think about the popular television program, or you think about the green or blue cotton medical uniforms surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists, and even veterinarians wear at work. But this formerly plain attire has been spruced up with printed designs and a variety of colors.

What was once a pure utility garment has become a fashion statement, and has quickly become popular in many other industries where spills and dirt are commonplace. One of the key reasons for this is how inexpensive scrubs are and how easy they are to wash. Because they are loose fitting, most people find them quite comfortable to wear throughout the workday, even if they aren’t prepping for surgery. It’s not very often we find unisex garments in high fashion for the workplace, but scrubs seem to be the comfortable exception.

So who uses scrubs outside of a hospital? They are popular among researchers and laboratory workers, and quite common in pharmaceutical labs and manufacturing facilities. They’re great for artists or kids, functioning as inexpensive art smocks. They’re even great for cleaning up around the house. And medical scrubs make an excellent, inexpensive Halloween costume.

Among medical and dental professionals outside the hospital setting, scrubs are found in many local doctor’s offices, dental offices, oral surgery centers, radiology facilities, blood testing labs, and veterinary offices among doctors, nurses, technicians, medical, dental, and veterinary assistants, dental hygienists, and even office staff members. They are comfortable and easily identify the medical professional in any setting.

Another key aspect to modern scrubs is the choice of vibrant color and fun designs. Scrubs come in dozens of colors, and hundreds of designs. They range from simple patterns to popular cartoon characters such as SpongeBob and Scooby Doo. These cool designs make working more fun and set patients, especially children, at ease in the presence of the medical professional wearing them.

It seems the blinding white scrubs surgeons once wore are a thing of the past, having been supplanted by blue, green, and even SpongeBob himself. You don’t need to scrub-in for surgery just because you’re wearing scrubs. Now you can have comfort and fashion at the same time, all while sticking to the required medical uniform.

I mentioned that scrubs are inexpensive, but how cheap are they really? You can purchase a basic set (pants and top) for only $12. Now that’s cheap for a full medical uniform! Individual scrub tops and scrub pants range from $9 to $20 at most online stores, depending on brand and style.

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