What is Your Rock Instrument Personality?

Everybody’s personality is unique. If you’ve ever met a musician, you will know that many have quirky personalities.

However, have you ever wondered what your choice of instrument says about your personality? Below is a list of characteristics I have noticed over the years in different musicians. It is just a bit of fun and no offence is intended.


You are crazy and always full of energy. You possess an undying stamina, are hyperactive and have a childlike quality. Living a fast paced life, you can at times be a little dim – oops(joke)

Some famous drummers include – Keith Moon, John Bonham and Ginger Baker.


You are generally shy and laid back. You like to stay in the background and tend to be quiet. You may play a wide range of instruments and have a broad musical knowledge. You are multi-talented and intelligent.

Some famous bassists include – John Paul Jones, Flea and Paul McCartney


You are at times very extravagant (purchasing unusual items), extremely determined, flamboyant and fast thinking. You may also at times be very moody!

Some famous guitarists include – Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Jack White.


Don’t forget the vocalist (well they wouldn’t let that happen!) You are arrogant – although you may refer to it as confident! At times you can be highly egotistic, are always a complete show off. You can be selfish and loud. Generally, you enjoy taking care of your appearance and consider yourself good-looking. Up to date in the fashion department, you like to treat yourself.

Some famous vocalists include – Robert Plant, Mick Jagger and Bono.

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