When Is It Fur Coat Weather? Your Complete Fashion Guide for Wearing Fur Anytime

Does it need to be a complete blizzard outside to wear your favorite fur? No way! With all this crazy winter weather hitting a good portion of the country, it’s a perfect time for breaking out the big and fluffy coat to keep your warm.

But what if you live in the more southern parts of the country like Texas or Arizona? Or what if you want to rock your coat in the spring or even summer months?

Fear not! Many fashion experts agree that luxurious furs are not just for those in colder states. We are breaking down when and how to wear fur even in the spring, summer, and warmer states.

How to Wear Fur in the Springtime

Fur means luxury no matter what the season. A growing trend in high fashion is incorporating furs and leathers in the new flowering season. Designers like Adrienne Landau love adding fur flourishes to the runway. Some of her tips include sticking with light to medium colors. Spring means the beginning of warmer temperatures so you fur should reflect this. Professionally store your full-length coats and wear lighter pieces.

What kinds of lighter pieces? “New” fur comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Both fur coats and jackets come in cropped or mid-waist lengths with varying degrees of density. Since it still can be chilly in the spring, remember you also add fur accessories, much like you would in the winter. Go with shrugs, stoles, or scarves.

If there is going to be a sudden cold snap with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, don’t be afraid to rock out your full fur. You’ll be stylishly warm while others gaze enviously upon you.

How to Wear Fur in the Summer

Fur and summer may seem like an oxymoron, but don’t shun this unlikely combo until you’ve tried. Fur can be added to your summer wardrobe in the form of fun accessories and add-on’s. Think of the luxury of fur combined with the fun of summer. Fur trimmed sweaters are available in a bright, cheery yellow with a fur collar.

Designers are adding trims to other clothing items like silk trousers or black fur with sheer tee shirts. As mixed materials become a fashion staple, expect to see fur added with traditional clothing pieces.

Think fur is limited to just clothing? Think again. Fur trimmed shoes are available in a variety of styles like pumps or sandals. Instead of being used for warmth, these additions on shoes are purely for fun, so there are some pretty wild styles out there.

If summers are not too hot in your region, don’t forget about a classic fur vest. One of the best ways to dress down a vest is to wear it with a more causal outfit like a tee shirt and jeans. You can also buy a causal leather jacket with fur trim around the collar or a light cardigan with fur lined pockets.

Now if you live in an area where summers are downright steamy and you love fur, purses are perfect for you. Bergdorf Goodman’s mini leather and fur shoulder bag is a fashionable, yet practical choice to show off your style. There also other accessories like pom poms and key chains.

How to Wear Fur Anytime

No matter where you’re wearing your fur, don’t be afraid to add new types of fur colors to your wardrobe. Instead of wearing fur in black or brown, try pastel colors or deep, vibrant colors. If you’re especially daring, patterns are also an option.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Wear your fur how and where you want to. Confidence is the best accessory when wearing your fur anytime of the year.

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