Women’s Clothes and How to Dress Casual

Women’s Clothes and How to Dress Casual

When it comes to women’s clothes, the definition of casual is open to interpretation as fashion has evolved. What was once considered casual may not be the case today or in the future. However, there are ways to be casual while remaining fashion-conscious with these staples of women’s clothing.

The cornerstone of the casual look is denim jeans. They are sturdy yet comfortable and can be stylish, too. Available in various cuts, styles and materials to flatter any body shape such as boot cut, straight leg, skinny, flared and wide legs are all popular types of cuts and styles. As for material types, pure denim, stretch blends, pre-washed and faded all work well.

Some caveats about jeans, though, are apparent. For example, wearing jeans that are ripped or patched in delicate places should be avoided. A little fashionable wear and tear is still in style, but there is a big difference between fashionably worn and old and ragged.

Now that you’ve got the bottoms, you need the shirt and nothing is more casual than the versatile t-shirt. Available in all different colours and sizes, they can be printed with any design imaginable and a t-shirt worn correctly can make you look fabulous, but a step in the wrong direction can make you look frumpy.

When looking at t-shirts, follow the same principles as jeans and try to avoid stained, faded, or ripped t-shirts, or you can wind up in the latter category. You should be looking for a t-shirt that fits properly, with no stretching at the seams or bunching under the arms and for an added flair, look for a t-shirt with a detailed neckline or sleeve or with extra-feminine cuts.

If you prefer not to go for the t-shirt and jeans look, you can opt for the basic slip dress, which comes in an array of different styles, from very short to floor-length. Like T-shirts, slip dresses can be plain, patterned, or printed and can be made of any material. Remember, though, similar to t-shirts, ill-fitting dresses are not stylish and ripped, faded or stained dresses will do nothing but make you look sloppy.

Once you’ve got your outfit chosen, it’s time to pair it together with a suitable pair of shoes, the keyword here being suitable. Even the most stylish outfit can seem dumpy if matched with ugly, old or completely inappropriate shoes, as although shoes tend to be the last thing a person notices about you, they are the one aspect that leaves a lasting impression.

Torn shoes, frayed laces and worn down flip-flops are never a good idea, while good looking mules, clean trainers and chic boots almost always make an excellent choice. In the summer months, however, all of these can be too hot and therefore a good choice for warmer weather is to wear sandals, which come in so many different varieties that it is simple to choose a pair that matches your wardrobe. Heeled or flat, slip-on or laced, almost any design will work with any outfit.

Finally, do not forget the accessories. Dressing casual does not mean that you can ignore the finishing touches that a few pieces of appropriate jewellery can bring. Even a simple pair of earrings can be the perfect touch for a quick, fashionable yet casual look. Additionally, scarves, belts and hats are all fashionable options that can be experimented with, but you must remember to avoid overdoing the extras, as casual is the key here. Follow these guidelines and you will find that causal women’s clothes can be pieced together for an exceptional look.

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