Women’s Frye Harness 2 Ring Boot – Rustic, Classic Harness Style For Women

I have seen the word “stunning” describe the Women’s Frye Harness 2 Ring boot, and I happen to agree.  These boots have all the looks of a harness style, with some serious added flair.

Looks of the Harness 2 Ring:  These boots are tall in height with an 11″ shaft and a 1 ½” heel and can be found in either black or dark brown leather.  Either color has leather with a “weathered” appearance that adds to the rustic style of the boot.  The “2 Ring” part of the name comes from the fact that on the sides of the boot shaft there are additional rings fasted with a figure 8 design made with thin leather straps. 

These boots (in my opinion) have a bit of a sleeker, dressier look than other harness styles such as the 12R or the Belted 12R – the additional leather straps and rings seem to make all the difference.

Popularity of the boot:  It seems to me that a boot with this level of style might have caught on more than it has – based on my experience and research this is one of the lesser in popularity among the women’s Frye Harness collection.  I’m actually not certain why that might be the case, especially since these boots are quite hard to beat not only in terms of looks – but durability and versatility as well.

Despite the apparent current level of popularity I highly recommend giving the women’s Frye Harness 2 Ring boots a check – especially if you are searching out a higher harness style with an added bit of “pizazz”!

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