Women’s Frye Harness Boot – Hot Style in Women’s Footwear

Have you heard about one of the hottest women’s fashion footwear styles recently? The Women’s Frye Harness Boot has become all the rage – especially for women who like to add a bit of “edge” to their ensembles.

The Harness Boot from Frye is a great mix of “Rock World” and classic western leather boots. All of the styles have a harness – either buckled or unbuckled – around the ankle area of the boot, making them a bit on the rugged side while still being able to pull off a great look for women.

Here are a few of the hottest styles selling in 2009:

  • Frye Harness 12R Boot – This appears to be the hottest seller (at this point in time) in the Women’s Frye Harness Boot line. Very durable, very comfortable and available in a nice variety of colors.
  • Harness 8R Boot – This is a lower version of the classic harness, arriving to just below the mid-calf area for most women. It is a bit of a thicker heel, and is a fun look for the gals. More and more women are seen wearing these with all sorts of outfits – including skirts.
  • Veronica Harness Boot – Distinct women’s style, the harnesses are silver-tone studded, adding a fun hard rock look, also available in several fun colors.

Cost Information: Retail price for the Women’s Frye Harness Boot (depending on the style and store they’re purchased from) will run between $200 and $300. They can be found for quite a bit less, from a few select merchants online.

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