Fashion Sense – Either You Have It Or You Don’t

Fashion Sense – Either You Have It Or You Don’t

If one could become fashionable simply by learning what is in fashion and following the guidelines given by the fashion gurus, then everyone would become a fashion icon. But as things stand some people are in fashion whereas others are not. What differentiates these two groups is fashion sense.

If fashion makers had their way the human race would be a flock of sheep. Wear pastels this autumn and leather this winter. Get rid of plunging necklines but stay tuned on rising midriffs. Everyone would be roaming around looking like peas from a pod. Thank god for the smart people, the people with fashion sense, who know how to retain their individuality while remaining within the current fashion trends. And it is not really difficult. Fashion diktats are numerous. One should have the knack of mix-and-matching to get the correct blend. If pastels are in by all means wear pastels but use accessories to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Every individual is different and the buying population is particularly different from the models that display the various aspects of fashion, whether on the ramp or from billboards. Garments that look good on the flat skinny models would rarely look good on people who have curves in the right or wrong places. Another aspect of fashion sense is to tailor the fashion trends to ones individual characteristics. How to choose garments of the right colours and materials no doubt, but those that distract from one’s thinness or bulkiness, ones shortness or tallness. The policy applies to homes as well Fashion sense can make small rooms look larger and can hide columns and beams that protrude from the walls.

Fashion sense is more than mere knowledge. It is an attitude that enables one to carry ones decisions with confidence and flair. If you have fashion sense then use it, if not then head for the nearest salon.

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