New Silk Fabric – Silk Scarves and Shawls

The common silk fabric is usually satin-feel and sheer. A new silk fabric is developed in recent two years. It totally changes the appearance of the silk fabric. At the first look, it’s like cashmere or wool. The feel is cashmere-like: soft and smooth. The softness and cashmere-like feel comes from the refinishing of the silk fabric. The refinishing process is usually called napping: A finishing process that raises the surface fibers of a fabric by means of passage over rapidly revolving cylinders covered with metal points or teasel burrs. The silk fabrics derive their downy appearance from this finishing process.

It can not only keep warm but also keep your skin moisture, especially good for the dry skin in the winter. That’s the feature which only silk fabric can have. Because the silk fabric has the same element as your skin has, it has the special features: warm-keeping and moisture-keeping. Compared with cashmere, the new soft silk fabric is also environment friendly. Why not cashmere from us? Cashmere is really not environment friendly because the sheep which cashmere comes from like eating the root of the grass and make a lot of damage for the grassland.

This fabric can be woven into hundreds of combination of color and patterns including traditional, classic and stylish. The product line can include silk scarves, silk shawls, silk bathrobes, and even clothing. If you are tired of the wholesale products and enjoy the uniqueness from the new technology, they are definitely worth it.

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