5 Ways to Convince Yourself to Invest in a Leather Handbag

Perhaps you’re a fashion-conscious woman and you love all the latest trends and styles in clothes, but you haven’t been able to convince yourself to spend the money to buy a leather handbag. You know in your heart of hearts that you’ve been dreaming about owning a leather handbag, and preferably one with a designer label.

Maybe you’ve even bought a replica or a knock-off brand, but within six months the handles broke, the straps fell apart, the interior seams in the lining didn’t hold up, or the zippers got caught in the poorly constructed lining. Regardless of the reason, you’ve just never liked the feel of vinyl or burlap, but you’re tired of buying handbags at the outlet malls and resale shops.

If this describes you, then you’ll want to pay attention to ways, valid reasons, for stepping up and spending your hard-earned money in a handbag that’s crafted by reputable brand name designers. Whether you’re thinking about a Juicy bag, Gucci, Clava, Coach, or any other name designer brand, consider the following reasons for not just buying, but investing in a fine leather purse or tote.

Designer leather handbags are:

1. Durable. When a designer puts their name on a product, they stand behind its quality. If your handbag breaks, rips, or falls apart, most designers will replace the bag at no cost; well, maybe you’ll have to pay shipping, but you won’t have to pay for the replacement handbag.

2. Status Statement. Let’s face it; most designer leather handbags have a symbol of some sort that makes their bags recognizable, regardless if they’re not looking inside at the label. For example, if you buy a Clava leather handbag, the name Clava is on the label on the outside of the bag. If you buy a Coach bag, you either see the leather tag that says Coach, or you see the C-symbol for Coach. Buying a designer bag announces to everyone you meet that you are important to yourself and it’s a status statement that you’re worth it.

3. Original Design. Handbag designers make sure that the look, feel, and materials they use for creating their bags are unique to them. Certainly ever designer brand has a clutch, a hobo, or a certain type of handbag that screams of their brand, yet that’s what makes you so special when you buy a designer brand. It’s your statement that you’re wearing an original design.

4. Value-Added. A fine, genuine, designer leather handbag gets value added to it every year. The leather becomes softer. The natural marks show that you treasure your bag, and most of all, the value of your bag never goes down. Even if you were to donate your designer leather handbag to a thrift store, that shop will value the brand name and sell your item for more than all the other purses or handbags in the store. There are even online resources for selling a value-added handbag and customers worldwide are willing to pay top dollar for a leather handbag that you no longer wish to use. Why? Because women just don’t toss designer leather handbags into the local dumpster.

5. Suitable for Most Every Occasion. Other than weddings or formal affairs, you can wear a designer leather handbag with jeans, leggings, a night out on the town, workout clothes, at the office, when you travel, or you’re just running to the store.

There you have it, five ways to justify to yourself that you deserve to own a genuine, designer-label leather handbag. Now what are you waiting for? You know if you don’t spend some money on yourself to buy a handbag that can last a lifetime, you’ll spend it on something else.

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