Vintage Coats

Vintage clothing is a style that’s usually perceived to have come from between the 1920s and 1970s. Vintage clothing comes in many forms but they are a sure favourite. Vintage coats don’t have to be new, they can also be second-hand. Some say that having a second-hand coat from the early 20th century adds to the mystique, to the overall ‘feel’ of owning the coat.

Indeed there is only a small percentage of these coats that we could classify as being ‘new’ of the era they were produced in, these usually come from old warehouse stock, known as deadstock. These items of deadstock are highly valuable, especially when they come with their original tags. You might therefore find it difficult to procure a ‘new’ vintage coat nowadays; however, don’t fret, retro clothing and indeed reproductions of vintage coats exist today, ready to be worn just by you!

You should know that there are varying degrees of what condition vintage coats may come in:

Mint – An item as ‘new’ with no signs of wear.

Near mint – Some signs of wear, but these are hardly noticeable.

Excellent – Typical signs of wear due to use.

Very good – May have some surface flaws but ultimately still a usable product.

Good – May be very difficult to correct any serious flaws, though is still wearable.

Be sure to note these levels of condition for coats if and when you are searching for them. It is always wise to make sure you can gather as much information as possible with the regard to the coat in question. The labels (tags if available) will provide you with details such as fabric, designer, year of production, original colour and those all-important measurements. You will also be able to note any surface wear and tear. Another important note is to do with measurements; vintage coats and clothing in general is measured by hip, waist and bust. Knowing your size is not enough to simply buy a vintage coat, you must whip out the tape and get those extra measurements for a vintage coat that’s sure to fit!

There are many places to buy and indeed sell these coats, but you must remember to make sure you find out as much information as possible about the clothing you’re buying. Whether you’re looking for a ‘new’ coat, a second-hand item, a retrospective take or even a reproduction, you are guaranteed to look, simply authentic through and through.

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